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Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan for Year 8 Science: Biological Systems

Link to document:  (PDF version)  (MS Word version)

Description of Document: A 3-lesson plan for Year 9 students, based on The Australian Curriculum – Science. Over the course of these lessons, students work in groups of 3 or 4, to (1) research a human body system, and (2) prepare an oral presentation for the class. All groups must use the Virtual Reality app ‘3D Organon VR Anatomy’ during their presentation, so that the class receives a visual representation of the system parts being referred to.

Watch a video demonstrating the 3D Organon VR Anatomy VR app:

Presentation Slides

Eduwebinar Presentation: Virtual reality – a new resource for schools

Link to document: (PDF copy)

Description of Document: Slides I used whilst presenting for Eduwebinar, Sep 2018.


Virtual Reality in the Classroom

Description:  This short clip shows a teacher using VR in our school library, to talk with his Year 9 Health class about blood sugar. As you can see, the engagement level is high! Although only one headset is being used, the whole class participates and interacts with this technology.