Who on earth is writing this dribble?


Chelsea Quake (nee Wright) is a Library Manager and Teacher Librarian living in Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about information literacy and access and equity. In particular, Chelsea is a strong advocate for school libraries, and the critical role they play in the education and well-being of children and teens. She believes that every young person should have access to a school library that is managed by qualified staff – including a qualified Teacher Librarian.

Chelsea is a proud critical pedagogue, who believes strongly in the value of critical pedagogy and critical information literacy in school libraries. Her view is that a critical pedagogical approach to literacy programs and extra-curricular library activities, leads to an expansion of young people’s horizons. This includes not only their job prospects, but also their ability to enter into adulthood as fully participatory citizens who are able to critically navigate the socio-political, digital, and information landscapes.

On a deeper level, a great school library should guide students into an ongoing exploration of what it means to live and be a human being, across multiple contexts.

Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Business (Info & Knowledge Management), Graduate Diploma of Teaching (P – 12), and an Advanced Diploma in Multimedia.

(Chelsea doesn’t normally refer to herself in third person narrative!)