People are Resources

Library Lectures

Last year I started up a Library Lectures programme in our school library.

Each week on a Thursday during lunch, we have somebody talking about something they are passionate about and wish to share.

Who speaks?

We book one paid guest speaker per term, and source all other speakers from within the school (staff & students) or local community.

Behold… material for a podcast!

Recently we started recording our Library Lectures, and podcasting them. This is great for students and staff who couldn’t make it on the day. It also promotes the library and its services.

People as interactive resources

I suppose the library staff could pick a topic and deliver it themselves each week… but this would not offer students the rich variety of perspectives that comes from listenning to various people deliver knowledge, experience and explanations in their own way.

People are indeed very valuable resources! Unlike static resources, we can ask questions and use human interaction and conversation to develop deeper meanings of things. All school libraries strive to provide students with access to a variety of different ideas and perspectives. Guest speakers are wonderful way to do this.

Below is a link to our most recent Library Lecture, where Melissa Benson talks to students about her experience of life as a blind person… or as she puts it “a woman in society, who just happens to be blind”.

PODCAST: Library Lectures

Melissa Benson – on being blind

“Quite often most of my world forgets I can’t see, and that’s brilliant!”

Date: 17th February, 2017