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Engaging students with emerging technologies

‘Why would a school library run a Tech and Gaming Club?’ The obvious quick response is ‘why not?’ However, in reality a more comprehensive answer is required, because the question needs to be considered in terms of place (the library institution) and profession (librarianship). There are some people who just don’t think the school library is the place for tech clubs or maker spaces. As strange as it is to still be having this conversation, we have not yet convinced every raised eyebrow to relax when it comes to the evolving identity of school libraries. If the school library is not seen as a natural place for new technologies to appear, and if technology-oriented initiatives such as a Tech and Gaming Club are assumed to fall outside the librarian’s zone of professional competency, then an urgent update on the evolution of school libraries is required. The usual rhetoric, ‘we are about more than books and study rooms’, will not suffice in this instance.”

This is an excerpt from an article I wrote recently for Connections Journal. Read the whole article online:


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