What happened?

What happens in libraries?

….more than many folk think! That’s why I started this site a few minutes ago.

The real question is “what is happening to libraries”!

The Library, as an institution, is undergoing drastic and exciting change. Technology is playing a part, but it is more than just that. The whole culture of the profession is changing. What it means to be a librarian is different now, compared to many years ago. Some things have stayed the same, of course, but no librarian can deny…. our profession is at a point of exponential evolution

The stereotype of libraries (and librarians) has not caught up with the reality of them.

This site will be a testimony to the plethora of exciting experiences that occur inside libraries around the world every day, and the great librarians who pioneer and deliver these experiences to the patrons. Oh, and by the way, “the patron” has also changed.

So welcome, and be sure to drop by now and then if you are curious to find out exactly what happens in libraries nowadays!


Sculpture featured in the image for this post: 

Architectural Fragment by Petrus Spronk

Corner Swanston and La Trobe streets, Melbourne VIC, Australia.

Situated outside the State Library of Victoria